Thursday, October 14, 2010

A bird just die ....

There was a bird. Flying everymorning. So freely, so happy. But today, the bird was not aware. The route it always fly, has cars rushing to go to work. In order to get a parking at LRT station. As before this, the car park not at appropriate park at LRT. And she get saman RM100 by DBKL...... so this driver, she drove along the road while hearing hit fm.

Suddenly, this bird, tah kenapa. Trying to fly low, nak tunjuk terrer kot. SLAM! on the front window. Kelepek terus slide kat wind shield. The driver menjerit sikit, and alhamdulillah tak melatah. If not keta keliling mesti dah jadi mangsa driver yang kekadang jer bawak keta ni

Pity that bird.... as it died. Without any chance to tunjuk skill flying low....

The end

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