Friday, August 27, 2010

Balik Kg ...... ohhhh bubur lambuk mak

Tak sabar rasanya nak balik Kuantan hujung minggu ni berserta coti kemerdekaan. Nak makan bubur lambuk mak jie. Insyallah kali ni aim nak belajar resepi tu dengan mak.

pic google

Mak jie nyer bubur lambuk pakai ikan dan banyak sangat sayur pucuk paku. Ayah jie yang akan beli that pucuk paku. Ada petua dia tang pilih pucuk paku.
Kali ni rasanya jie and Mr Hie akan pi cari pucuk paku at pasar besar Kuantan. Ayah jie setelah kena strok, one of his leg kurang berfungsi. But still he can walk using tongkat.
Sometimes dia jadi pelupa dan kebudakan. Doktor said masa strok tu ada effect kan brain dia. Yet he is strong! Dia bole lawan itu strok. Masa kena tu di subuh hari. Dia paksa diri dia bangun. But terjatuh. Dia bangun jugak dan ambik air sembahyang and solat subuh. Kira kuat tu. If dia ikutkan sangat sakit masa tu, mungkin strok dia lagi worst.

Ini gambar raya tahun lepas. ayah jie nampak dah uzur. So do mak. Both of them ada heart problem. Alhamdulillah in Kuantan my beloved sister Salwa and Haslina are taking care them.

Ini gambar bucuk masa raya tahun lepas.... saje tepek sebab geram tengok muka dia :-p

The End

Alhamdulillah... syukur

Alhamdulillah sesangat, permohonan jie untuk mendapatkan pembantu diluluskan. Maid dah ada kat umah, just jie legalkannya tanpa perlu dia balik. :)

So lega sesangat bila tau telah diluluskan. So tinggal nak buat medical check up pulak. Hopefully maid kali ni jangan la ko lari. Fenin aku tau.....

Jie doa agar pembantu jie kali ni ikhlas nak bekerja. Walaupun demand sikit: nak coti monthly, nak balik kg dia setahun 2 kali. Jie still can consider that if she willingly to work ikhlas

Semalam maid jie siap menyanyi lagi kat dapur. :) Gumbira kot sebab dah sebulan dia bekerja dengan jie and hujung minggu ni nak coti. heheheheh kasi dia release itu tension kilija lor...

Ada gak yang kata, jie ni baik sangat.... tapi nak buat camne, memang aku baik pung...

Hati milik Allah, so apa boleh jie buat ialah berdoa pada Allah agar maid kali ni hatinya ikhlas bekerja.

The end

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kenny Rogers Roasters for Iftar

Berbuka hari ni plan:
Kenny Rogers

Family Meal

Whole Chicken with 4 bowls of side dishes & 4 Kenny’s Home-made Muffins.
Side dishes yang terpilih:



Beli jer today as Mr Hie berbuka di luar kat One Hotel.

The end

Tiger's ex breaks her silence on sex scandal....Elin Nordegren

I read the story in newspaper and internet. What a strong women she is.
Elin Nordegren

Antara komen dia yang membuat jie bertanggapan begitu ialah:

"I've been through hell," Nordegren, a 30-year-old Swedish former model, told the celebrity news weekly in an article posted Wednesday on its website and which will hit newsstands later this week.
"I felt stupid as more things were revealed. How could I not have known anything?" she said. "The word betrayal isn't strong enough. I felt like my whole world had fallen apart."
She said she had been truly devoted to Woods and had hoped for a happily-ever-after life together with him.

"I loved him. We had so much fun," she said, "and I felt safe with him."
Nordegren said she is close to completing her bachelor's degree in psychology and that despite her husband's betrayal, "I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself."
"My immediate plan is for the kids and me to continue to adjust to our new situation," she said. "I am going to keep taking classes, but my main focus is to try to give myself time to heal."

She is now taking bachelor in psychology. Good for her. And she knows to put her energy the right way. Not by weeping the betrayal of husband.

GO Elin GO!

The end

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Festive Hotel Deluxe king room. Saya nak bawak family sini !!!

Lawanya hotel ni. Dan the very family oriented betul. I like u ....

Deluxe Family King

Nowhere else in the world would you be able to find a hotel room which caters to both parents and children. Adults can relax on a king-sized bed, while kids can hop into the loft bed designed just for them.

There is also a sofa bed which folds out to become a double bed, so extra sleeping space is created.

Adjoining rooms are available for larger families.

Bed Type

One king-sized bed, one loft bed, one sofa bed (folds out to a double bed)


Book online, email or call our reservation hotline:

Tel: (+65) 6577 8899 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (+65) 6577 8899 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Please note that room rates include breakfast.

Room amenities

• Kids welcome pack(s)

• Kids tailored bathrobe(s)

• Sofa Bed (folds out to a double bed)

• Simmons “Cool Max” Bed

• Large LCD TV with 28 Channels including Cartoon Network and Interactive Games

• Iron and Ironing Board

• Electronic Safe

• Mini bar with soft Drinks (on request)

• Complimentary Daily Newspaper -standard local-(on request)

• Complimentary Bottles of Mineral Water

• Wireless High-Speed Broadband Internet Access (separate charges apply)

Everybody in school boikot me.... Aiman said to me. What shall I advise?

Been googling and found this..... may be it help. Will try and have mother to teenager talk with him. Tadi dah bagi ceramah thru phone call. He call me and refuse to go to school. Jie dah bagi motivation sikit and also marah him for not going to school just because friends not talking to him and talks behind him.

Hermmmmm ...... New phase for me. Handling Teenagers.

Question: What if You Just Don't Fit In?

Can you ever just accept that you'll never fit in? I've been trying and trying, but...maybe I just don't fit in. I always thought that if I spoke up around friends, that they would accept me, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm thinking of giving up on trying to fit in. What do I do?

Answer: The trouble with school (besides all the homework, of course) is that you can't choose the people you get to see every day. If you're unlucky enough to be stuck with classmates who don't really "get" you, you've just got to try to make the best of it.

But that doesn't mean you need to "fit in," or at least in the way that people think. If you try to transform yourself into a clone of everyone else, it won't help you make friends. It'll just make you feel like a fake.

You also shouldn't shut down and refuse to be friends with everyone who isn't like you. If you do that, you'll just make yourself miserable (and miss some great opportunities for friendship).

Instead, you've got to work on being comfortable and confident with who you are while ignoring all the haters. Keep on speaking up, asking questions and getting to know people better. If you send out positive energy, then people will generally send some back to you. (I like this phrase....) A couple of them will continue being jerks, and you're allowed to forget about them. (You don't need to be "accepted" by everyone at your school to have a great social life.)

If you feel like you're doing all that but still not getting anywhere, then don't give up. Just expand your circle. Get a part-time job at a cool-looking place, join an after-school art class or youth group - do whatever it takes to find a couple of like-minded people you connect with. (hermmmm good one, nak kena cari some cool activities for him to join) Even if you don't find anyone right away, you'll still be getting some more social experiences under your belt, and that's always a good thing.

And remember that you won't be stuck at school forever. When you finally go to college or get a full-time job, you'll have new opportunities to build social circles - and it gets easier every time.

A fun book called Uncool, by Erin Elisabeth Conley, has some tips for folks like you who want to stay positive at school while being true to your personality:

Be kind to your fellow misfits.

Throw caution to the wind. Take chances with fashion, hobbies, hopes and dreams.

Don't be afraid to look weird.

Let your inner geek speak - whether it's through music, art, science, origami, circus school or whatever.

Have patience with people who are different from you. (You know, the ones who are so "normal" they're practically clones.)

Don't change just because someone else thinks you should.

Know that even though you may misfit, there's always someplace you are welcome in the world.

So ..... macamana semua. Ada para ibu remaja tak? Adakah mengalami masalah sama dengan jie?
Somehow Aiman need to change also as jie pun tak berapa suka certain his attitude like show off thing. Speeking mat salleh is okay but he has to learn to be low profile sikit but confident.


The end

Happy National Women Day

To all women out there...... Happy National Women Day !

Be happy and be proud to be WOMEN


The End

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nak demam ....

Today rasa macam nak demam. Kepala tak de pikir pasal menu Ramadhan. Tangan sejuk. Kaki sejuk. Seriau jap pikir pasal mati...... eeeee takut.

Sahur pagi tadi only take small amount of nasi. Ingat nak ambik oat banyak. Instead, kehabisan oat. Laaaaaa ......
Sebut hati jie

Rasanya badan tak cukup amout of food to transfer to energy. Nasib baik berblogging masih mampu

Ni dok tunggu Mr Hie ambik kat opis. Tak larat nak naik ketapi tanpa pemandu tu.
Seram sejuk badan. Mata belah kanan lak rasa sakit macam ada preasure menekan kat area tu.
Simptom sinus tu.....

Hopefully Mr Hie approve beli jer kat pasar ramadhan. Memang tak larat.

Balik ni nak cari oat. Perlu makan for sahur.

The end

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tetiba kepingin sorang baby girl .....

Sedang jie melayari Facebook, Terpandang Verde nyer profile picture. Adus comel nyer budak pompuan ni. Geram dengan pipi dia..... Aku jadi teringin jap. Hati jie pilu... sedih pun ada.

Pujuk hati..... ada hikmah tiada anak pompuan ....

Kira okay la sekarang. last time masa shopping raya, tengok baju gaun budak pompuan, Jie siap nanggis lagi tau. Sedu sedan kat bahu Mr Hie.....

Aku nak anak pompuan, jerit hati masa tu

La ni dah okay dah. Sedih tetap sedih especially kalau raya sebab baju budak pompuan la paling banyak. Tension + stress. Kalau tak sedih means I am not human.... betul tak?

Ni jie bagi gambor Bucuk pakai telekung. Gian punya pasal. Nak sangat ikut jie solat. Nah ko. hehehehe
Pas tu jie kena marah dengan Mr Hie :P sabor jer la

Kalau aku ada anak pompuan .......

The End

Iphone ku berbaju baru

No bling bling, just simple

Rasa mcam dia pakai baju kurung cotton jer

The End

Cozy Corner, here we come ....

Semalam, which is Ahad, Aiman ask me. Lama dah kita tak makan kat luar. Hari ni bole? Disebabkan permintaan ini, jie pun draft proposal kat Mr Hie and we decided to makan at Cozy Corner at Ampang Park. Paberet my boys is chicken chop and mix vegetable rice.

Mr Hie call la nak buat reservation..... maaf Encik, untuk hari ini dah penuh. Adus baru tengahari dah full. So kami cadang makan di Cozy Corner after solat magrib. Senang cerita.

Ohhh Mr Hie sungguh kebapakan :P

Aiman dah cekau fries ayep... lapo sangat dah tu

Debab dah pandai eat by his own

Bapa Mithali baru nak makan ... setelah selesai urus anak2

Malam tu diakhiri dengan ucapan ... Tq Abah, bawak kami makan kat luar
Aku senyum dengar :)

The End

Bila dah tak tahu nak masak apa ....

Last week jie jadi mati kutu. Tak tahu nak masak apa for berbuka. Actuallynya malas pun ya. hehehehe. So last saturday me and Mr Hie decided to berbuka posa at Mak Tok house which is mak Mr Hie. Abis cerita. Ajak bibik ikut, end up saya capek. Lantak ko. Tak kuasa aku nak masak untuk ko. Lu pikir la sendiri kalau nak makan. Semua ada dalam peti ais. Kekadang maid ni kalau di beri kesenangan jadi naik lemak. Asyik aku masak jer..... ko makan. So dalam pukul 5 sebelum bertolak rumah mak tok, jie terdengar lesung berbunyi. Then bauan tumisan lada. Ehhh, pandai rupanya masak kalau nak makan. hehehehehehe

So kami sefamily pi Serendah. makan asam pedas tengiri Mak Tok and Ikan keli goreng ternakan Tok Bak. Semenjak Tok Bak berenti keje Ericsson, dia rajin menternak ikan keli dan menanam. Hasil tangan dia kenyang la anak cucu makan.

Jie dah biasa dengan hasil kebun sebab ayah jie memang ada kebun. But to Mr Hie family. Ayah dia is a working person last time. So bila dah retire, tangan mula gatal menanam. :)

Tok Bak masih bekerja. A company takes him as he has so much knowledge on telecommunication. Jie selalu refer kat dia kalau dont understand network on telecommunication. Banyak ilmu orang tua tu....

Disini jie letak gambor Dragon Fruit Tok Bak. Merah menyala dan teramat la manis. Bak kata Mak Tok. Manis macam yang menanamya. heheheheh tergelak jap

Tok Bak, tahniah kerana berjaya mendapat hasil dragon fruit dari pokok yang ditanam.
Walau pun sebiji :P

The End

Friday, August 20, 2010

Resepi menu Ramadhan : Puding Raja

Resepi kali ni jie nak share ialah resepi dari Kakak jie no 3. Cikgu Fadilah Musa. Dulu dia la yang akan buat puding ni tiap kali ada sapa yang kawin. Sebagai dessert for Raja sehari. That is why we all call it Puding Raja. =P

Selalu nyer jie letak ceri tengah2. Tapi lupa lak nak beli ceri kat kedai mamak :p


agar2 (ni jie pakai half plastik yg selalu jual kedai mamak tu)
Air (1 cawan agar2 = 3 cawan air.... petua mak jie)
esen vanila
mix fruit setin
Tepung jagung satu sudu besar (cairkan dengan sedikit air)
Tepung kastad satu cawan besar (cairkan dengan sedikit air)
peach setin
susu cair 2 tin (satu untuk puding, satu untuk kuah. ohh ya lupa ambik gambar kuah....)


Rebus agar2 dengan air dan gula (agak2 la. But if rasa suka manis korang letak la sekilo. Hehehehe)
Bila agar2 dah tidak kelihatan. Tuang buah2 dari mix fruit tadi beserta air dari tin tersebut and also susu cair
Letak esen vanila.
Campak campuran tepung jagung dan air
Kacau hingga nampak dah mengelegak
Tuang dalam loyang
Bila dah nampak a bit keras
Susun peach
Air dari tin peach jangan buang tau

Sos kastad:
Makan dengan sos kastad, very the creammy.... emmmmm yummy

Tuang susu cair and air dari tin peach tadi
letak gula (agak2 ekk)
make sure kacau selalu. Jangan tinggal. If not hanggit bau dah tak sedap.
Bila dah mengelegak, tuang campuran tepung kastad dan air
Sos akan jadi warna yellow dan memekat

Selamat mencuba ekkk

The End

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Resepi menu Ramadhan : Murtabak maggie

Resepi ni jie dapat bertahun lamanya. Selalu buat untuk my boys. Diorang memang suka. Lahap gila makan
Sedap tak?

3 bungkus maggie (if guna kari lagi elok sebab bole guna rempahnya)
Bawan yellow dipotong dadu
Daun sop/bawang di potong kecil2
6 biji telor( 1 bungkus mee:2 biji telor besor)

Rebus dulu mee dan toskan
Then campak bawang dadu+daun sop
Pecahkan telor
Campak rempah kari (if tak nak pakai rempah maggie tu tak pe, pakai jer rempah kari cap BABAS ker)
Kacau sampai sebati
Guna non stick pan. Letak minyak sikit or sapu butter
Campak dalam pan dan rata2 kan.
Bila dah nampak macam masak belah bawah,
Then terbalikan....

Ada tip nak terbalikkan. Ramai gak tanya jie macamana nak terbalikkan.
Sebab nanti hancur.

Pakai pinggan =p
Jie tutup murtabak maggie tu dengan pinggan then terbalikkan.
After that slide jer balik dalam pan
mudah kan

The end

Resepi menu Ramadhan : Soto Ayam

Yang ni jie masak Ramadhan Kedua. Seronok gentel begedil bersama maid baru =P

Ayam of course la
Rempah soto
6 biji buah keras
Mee huun
Nasi impit Nona
bawang goreng
daun sop
Bawang merah dan putih blend

Rebus dulu ayam. Then racik2kan isi ayam
Tulang maintain simpan dalam air rebusan
Tumis bebawang blend. Then campak rempah soto. Any kind bole. Sebat jer
But that day jie pakai yang akak Lina jie kasi. From Johor. Dah setahun aku simpan rempah ni =D
Dah naik bau, tuang stok ayam
pastu tumbuk buah keras sampai hancur. Then campak dalam sup

Begedil: Tengok blog lady Verde. caranya sama dgn jie nyer

Rebus mee. Rebus nasi impit.

Siap tersedia seperti gambo atas nun

The End

Resepi menu Ramadhan : mee bandung Muor

Apa nak masak ni yek? itulah persoalan yang akan timbul tiap kali tengahari di bulan Ramadahan. Disini jie bagi resepi yang jie dah masak. So cuba la yek

Mee Bandung Muor

rempah mee bandung
bawang merah dan putih yang dah diblend
mee kuning

Rebus Tulang/daging and put aside
Tumis bawang merah dan putih tadi sampai naik bau.
Then campak rempah mee bandong sernan

Pastu letak air rebusan daging tadi dengan dagingnya sekali. 
Then Campak udang and sotong
Bila dah mengelegak
letak la sawi yang dah dipotong2. Jangan lak tak potong. Terkejut laki kang
Lastly, pecah telor. Better tunggu last minit nak berbuka =P

Selamat Berbuka

The end

Dapat prezie .... =D

Semalam nak balik dalam pukul 4:30 petang. Tetiba adik inventory sebelah bagi hadiah. hehehehe berbunga hati. Terkejut pun ada. Sebab tak expect anyone to give present bila dah tua2 gini except Mr Hie dan anak2 tersayang.

She gave me this

and this

bulan posa, tak boley makan itu forero rocher
kalu ilang memang aku cari sampai mati sapa ambik tau

close up kat brouch

pink lagi
kena cari baju raya pink ni

Berapa umur saya?

nak masuk 39 and I cant wait to be 40..... hehehehehe

Tq Dayang....

The End

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Menu Ramadan ...... masih berpikir-pikir


Rabu :Ayam goreng/Sayur campur dgn udang/Nugget goreng/Nasi

Khamis :Sardin/Sayur kobis masak lemak/Telor Dadar/Nasi

Jumaat :Lala sweet sour/Sayor sawi pecah telor/Ikan Masin/Nasi

Sabtu :Ayam masak kicap/Sayor Bayam bening/Telor dadar/Nasi

Ahad:Tengiri/tempe/tauhu Goreng/Sambal Kicap/sup sayor/Nugget goreng/Nasi


Rabu : Nasi Ayam Puding & caramel

Khamis : Bihun Soto Ayam & Apam Balik

Jumaat : Bubur lambuk & Agar2 telor

Sabtu: Kari kepala ikan wit nasi & Cucur udang

Ahad : Sate goreng & Karipap

Masih lagi berpikir-pikir ni

The end

Monday, August 9, 2010

Doa Nabi Muhammad, jom hafal

"Allahumma La Takilni Iila Nafsi Tarfata 'Aini wa-Aslehli Sya'ni"
Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, janganlah Engkau serah kepadaku untuk menjaga diriku walaupun sekelip mata, dan aku mohon Engkau supaya menjagaku. Wahai Tuhan baikilah keadaanku.

Birthday blast before posa ....

Last weekends got 2 invitation for birthday party. My neighbour. Jiran depan dan jiran belakang. Both majlis for birthday girl. My boys yang besau tak nak gi. Girl2 nyer, tak nak ahhh.

Makin besar my boys, makin diorang buat hal sendiri.

So I bring Bucuk and Debab jer.

Jom Layan gambar

Birthday Gal...Princess

Menu kids

allaaaa tomey nyer cupcakes. Ngam2 size mulut bucuk :-)
Mulut umi ada 5 ketul baru penuh!

MM donuts

Princess cake. Patutla my boys tak nak. Kalu Ben 10 baru nak mai kot

Jiran2 ku

Dalam hati ada taman

Faizal the clown

Debab dengan bestfren dia, Zarif

tiup beloons activities

Bucuk berusaha nak tiup bubble

fuh fuh

Ingat nak invite Clown gak la masa buat bday blast my boys ....
Kena tanya Ina, my jiran, what is that clown contact number.

The End

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