Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another van Gogh in the family :)

Sorry for not update the blog yesterday, as I was really buzzzzzyyyy beee with work. Actually there is stories to tell on yesterday issues but I think stories of my boys will be more cheerish and giving positive auras to everyone who read it :-)

Another Van Gogh.... yes, there is another artist in family. The first artist is Amir. He is so creative with art. His drawings shows his talents. The detailing and colours choose. Previously Amir is attending classes for leadership in Discovery Kids. Some of the classes has activities for art. I am amaze with his creativity.

Noe seeing Aqiel's drawing, shows that he is creative also. I think need to think of art classes for both of them :-D

Aqiel told me that this is a tree. Blue colour indicate sungai. And ada rumput disitu. I ask why there is different blue colour for sungai. Dark and light blue. His answer was, sungaikan bila dekat biru gelap, bila jauh biru cair. :)
I ask the blue spot up at the trees. He answer that Cikgu Fatin request him to add awan, so he put 2 kepul awan. :-D hahahahahah

I think this is our late Brad Pit cat yang dah mati. Means he remember the poor cat.

The end

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