Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rumah Ku Syurga Ku

This is my house. I love my house so much. Lots of greenery....

My House is a end lot. So we have sekangkang kera tanah.

I and Mr Hie do the lanscaping by ourselves. From buyying the trees and where to put it.
Tanam org lain.... upah hehehehe

It is a palm garden consept

In te house, we like to arrange our furniture in a minimalis style
Less furniture more space ....

When open the main door, u will see tis corner. Surah Qursi painting.... so calm everytime we come in.

Our dining have a big mirror which I will see my face everytime having breakfast together with Mr Hie. It is Lorenzo dining table and also Lorenzo Sofa.

Just love lorenzo furniture. So modern :)

We have 2 kitchen. Wet and dry. Separate by this huge cabinet.

We also have wash basin for people coming to house so that they have no need to go to kitchen. And there is mirrir there also for quest to see their teeth after eating at our house :)

This is family area upstairs. Lots of books for my boys to read.

I love my home sooooo much....
Home sweet home ......
Kota Damansara, Seksyen 8


  1. best betui umah kak jie...bile laa sy nak ada umah sendiri nih....

  2. Bila seru datang suruh kahwin :)

  3. tu kawin kak umah sendiri ...hehehe..jeles nya


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