Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Brother Restaurant - Aiman's Favourite place

Mr Hie and me always bring my boys eat here.

They really love it

And so do we....

Because I am food lover

So I am going to give u all places that We as family went and give suggestion...

Together with food picture ...

Here goes for

Big Brother

Grill Chicken

Nachos with cheeze

Spagetti Carbonara

Breaded Chicken Chop

Lamb Chop

Spagetti Marinara

Oreo Smootie setiap org.... kami berenam masa tu. Bucuk tidor, so tak bawak

And all of this is less then rm200.

Murah kan

Lazat macam Tony Ramo's



Suits for family gathering but came early as place is bit sempit. But food came fast. So people after eating memenag trus chow kekeyangan.... :P


Big Brother
The Strands
Kota Damansara

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