Friday, March 18, 2011

It is the best for all of us

Sometimes we plan so hard, so very very hard so that we want it to happens. Yes we really want it. For the family, for us and for everyone we knew. But somehow it didnt happen what we want. Feeling sorrow we begins to become differently. Quite suddenly, depress and if there are with not so strong heart, will make wrong decision by taking short cut instead. What they think is short cut, are actually a long cut to the rest of the one he/she love .......................................

I am saying this or you may say writing this not because I am in depress. No, that time for me is pass already. I begin to realize that Allah knows best for each of every of us.

It is sad to plan for the best for family but when if did not happens. Dont be sad. Instead just pause a while. Take a deep breath and smile that somehow it will turn out fine. And also may be if what we plan happens, may be it is not the best for u and family. We never know right.

For now, what we shud do is do the best and pray to Allah for the best. And Allah knows best for us. Yes HE really do. And I very happy now that what happens....... there must be a reason why.

TQ Allah for most beautiful and precious moment have been for me. :)

The end


  1. Alah biasala tu Nida, hal dunia :)
    Kekadang kita ingat benda tu terbaik tetapi sebanrnya Allah tau apa yang lagi baik utk kita.

    Kak jie tak sedih, masa sedih dah berlalu lama. Dan mintak2 jangan la sedih lagi. :)


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